Answers to Your Home Roofing Questions

4 Signs That Your Home’s Roof May Be Leaking

When you have a major roof leak, you will probably notice if water is pouring through your ceiling. But not all roof leaks are major, and it is possible to have a leaking roof and you may not immediately even realize it. Any type of leak, whether big or small, needs to be repaired promptly. If you’re a homeowner, look for these common signs that your roof is leaking:

Wet Insulation in the Attic

Many homeowners do not inspect their attics often, which is a mistake. The condition of your attic can tell you a lot about the health of your roof. Make it a point to check out your attic on a regular basis and inspect the insulation. If the insulation is wet or shows signs of water stains, that is often an indication that your roof is letting water in. You should also take the time to look …

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Troubleshooting Roof Leaks

Roof leaks are one of the most common repair issues home and business owners face, and fixing them promptly prevents damage to your property. You may notice water rings on your ceiling, or water stains that extend across your ceiling, or down walls. One of the hardest parts is tracking down where the leak is located. Once you find it, you may be able to repair it yourself. If the leak has been ongoing, or caused extensive damage, it’s best to contact a professional, such as Acoma Roofing, Inc., to have it repaired. 

Cracked Flashing

Flashing are very slim metal pieces located under the shingles. and when they crack water can leak in. The flashing help create a water-resistant seal and they do a good job of preventing water from getting through. They typically have a rubber coating on top, which provides added water resistance. Over time, the tar that …

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Tips for Repairing a Hole in Your Flat Asphalt Roof

If your commercial building has a flat roof, it is likely made of asphalt. While asphalt can be a long-lasting option for your roof, it is also prone to damage over time from deterioration and weather conditions, particularly with holes in the roof. Here are some tips for repairing the holes in your roof. 

Get the Right Materials

When you are going to repair the holes in the asphalt roof on your own, you first need to make sure you have all the required materials. It Is not difficult to fix a hole in asphalt, but you do need several materials and tools in order to get it done properly. To start with, you need materials like roof cement, fabric for reinforcing the holes, and asphalt primer. You will also need some tools, including utility knife, caulking gun, trowel, pry bar, and scissors. Additionally, you should have proper shoes to …

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Knowing What to Ask For in a Roofing Contract

Nobody looks forward to the idea of replacing their roof, yet it’s one of those things that has to happen sooner or later. Unfortunately, since they only have to deal with this once or twice in their life, many people don’t understand all of the things that should be addressed when replacing a roof. If your roof needs to overhauled soon, read on. This article will discuss three things you should be sure to write into your roofing contract.

Kick Out Flashing

Most homes contain one or more areas where a roof and a wall intersect. These represent particularly vulnerable places. That’s because water coursing down the roof is often able to penetrate the behind the sheathing on the walled side. When this happens, expensive and damaging leaks often ensue. Likewise, you may end up experiencing rot, mold, and mildew damage.

Fortunately, there’s an easy way to avoid such repercussions: …

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Keeping Your Business’s Metal Roof Looking Like New

Owning a business with a rooftop made of metal ensures that your structure is protected with a hardy medium that tends to last for a long time. A metal rooftop is a beautiful addition to a building and will last for many years if it is cared for properly. Here are a few tips you can use to ensure your building’s new roofing medium looks its best while providing ample protection to your business at the same time.

Clean Your Roof To Minimize Damage

A metal rooftop will need to be cleaned to remove any twigs, leaves, pine needle clumps, and dirt from its surface. Failure to clean a metal roof will lead to the possibility of a flawed appearance. If water gets pooled up underneath debris, it can lead to unfortunate rusting. This will alter the aesthetics of your roof in addition to weakening the metal. Using a soft-bristled broom on a metal roof is best as it will not …

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Want To Protect Your Roof In A Storm? Start With The Garden

Shingle-ripping wind and roof-puncturing hail are often two of the aspects of storms that people think of most when imagining roof damage. However damaging those two can be, though, there’s a third aspect that can be just as bad: the items in your yard, from lawn chairs to loose branches. You can prevent a whole lot of damage just by taking care of your yard and garden, both right before a storm and over the long term. Doing so will reduce the chances of your having to clean up a giant mess.

Tie Things Down

No matter how sturdy those lawn chairs or fence panels look, if any of them are loose, or if you have anything else like toys left loose in the yard, you will have a bunch of projectiles during the next windstorm. It doesn’t take much for smaller items or those that allow for some lift …

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