Answers to Your Home Roofing Questions

Is Your Roof Ready For Spring Showers?

Many parts of your home need a spring cleaning, and the roof is no exception to the rule. You can begin inside of the attic for signs of mold and mildew. If you notice any discolored boards, you could have more serious damage that will require checking the entire roof and gutters.

Mold and Mildew: You may notice you have roof algae displayed as moss and lichens. Ignoring this is not the thing to do, because moisture can leak through the shingles and onto the roof of the home. Mold and mildew can cause health issues with family members and pets.

It isn’t advisable to use a pressure washer because it could damage the shingles. Instead, mix a combination of 50% bleach and water to remove the algae. Plants on the ground don’t like bleach, so you should wet them before and after you clean the roof area. You can …

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What Is The Best Roofing Material For A Tiny House?

You can save a lot of money if you use salvaged materials for your tiny house, but roofing materials shouldn’t be in that list. When you choose new roofing materials, you should consider several options. You can choose from a traditional shingle or a quick-to-install roll of roofing. You get what you pay for, so that has to be one of the considerations in comparison to the roof’s durable features versus that price tag.

Cedar Shakes or Shingles: Cedar is durable, energy-efficient, and resistant to severe storms. It is beautiful whether it is in its original color or its rustic silver/gray tone. It does require maintenance. As with any wood roof, you will want to have the cedar treated with a preservative to limit the growth of fungi, moss, and mold. Treatments can also be offered in the form of a flame retardant. Shakes are thicker than shingles.

Roll Roofing

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Two Signs That It May Be Time To Replace Your Rain Gutters

Of all the fixtures on your house, the rain gutters may be one of the most valuable, but least attended.  Rain gutters help to channel water away from your house so that the structure and foundation of your home won’t be damaged.  Although it may seem like your rain gutters can go on for years with no problem, it may be time to replace them.  Use this information to learn more about the warning signs that it’s time to install new rain gutters on your house.

Standing Water Around Your Home

One of the telltale signs that your gutters are no longer working properly is standing water around your home.  If you notice this, it’s definitely time to call in the professionals so you can have your rain gutters inspected and replaced.

The purpose of rain gutters is to get the water away from your house.  You don’t want the …

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Best And Worst Roofing Materials For A Creole-Style Home

Creole-style homes evoke the spirit of New Orleans, with its French-influenced architecture. The homes, which are found throughout the south, are best known for the roomy front porch and parallel upper balcony that cover the entire front of the house. The porch, balcony, and the roofline are highlighted with ornamental accents including iron railings and woodwork. The structure is topped off with a flat-style roof.

Do you own a Creole-style home and need a new roof? There are a few key roofing materials that are best – or worst—for this style of roof. Here are a few options to discuss with your roofing contractors.

Best: Metal Roofing

The flat-style roof isn’t completely flat; there is enough of a slope to help rainwater off the roof and into the drainage system. But in areas that receive heavy amounts of rain, this slope might not be sufficient at getting the water off …

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Four Ways A Metal Roof Can Benefit You

Travel on any average neighborhood street and it’s likely that most of the houses will have a traditional asphalt roof. Just because it’s the most common choice doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best choice. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box by installing a metal roof on your home. This roof style can offer you a number of benefits that you may have overlooked.  

Good For The Environment

When it comes to the environment, once asphalt shingles are worn, there is little that can be done with them. Oftentimes, the shingles end up in a landfill somewhere only contributing to the pollution problems in many cities. Metal roof disposal is just the opposite. The materials used for a metal roof can be recycled and used as for another roof or for some other purpose. However, the main takeaway is that the roofing materials don’t end up in a …

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4 Signs You Need To Replace Your Gutters

Your home’s gutter system is essential to ensuring proper water drainage, and if it fails, can lead to flooding and leaks within your home, which can be expensive to repair. Thankfully, there are a number of warning signs that your gutters will exhibit as they reach the end of their lifespan. Knowing what to look for can help you replace your gutters before they end up failing.


Over time, physical pressure, weather exposure, and debris can loosen the fasteners and screws holding your gutters to the side of your home. This can result in your gutters sagging or bending outwards from your roof, leaving a gap between them and the edge of your roof. This gap can allow water to flow down the side of your home and pool near the foundation, where it can enter your basement and cause water damage. Thankfully, this is also the easiest warning …

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