If you are purchasing a foreclosed home and you can see there are water stains on the ceilings throughout the house, you want to pay for a roof inspection before you follow through with purchasing the home. A foreclosed property is a house that you have buy as is, and you want to make sure that you don't have to replace the entire roof.

There are a few different reasons there may be water stains on the ceiling, some of them more serious than the others. Some roofing companies will even give a free inspection.

Leaks Around Vents and Gables

If the snow is melting or it's raining and the water happens to get through a vent because of the way the wind is blowing, you could end up with a small water stain. If water is getting around the plumbing pipes on the roof, this could be another reason why water came through. Caulking and sealant would be an easy fix for these problems.

Ventilation Problems

If there is poor ventilation in the attic, you can end up with more than one water problem. Heat could be getting trapped in the attic, causing condensation that drips on the attic floor, and the moisture is then absorbed and visible on the ceiling. Ventilation problems can also cause ice dams, which would cause an accumulation of ice on the roof. The ice, water, and snow blocked through the ice may find way through the roofing shingles. A new ventilation system and repairs to the roof will be needed.

Roofing Damage

If the shingles are old, warped, blistered and removed, the water can easily penetrate the wood base of the roof. If this happens, you could have significant damage throughout the entire roof, and you may need to have full roof replacement. Have the roofing contractors give you an estimate for a new roof, with new gutters and roofing insulation.

You will have to look at the cost to repair the damages to determine if you want to make the investment when you purchase the home, since there is no owner to ask to repair the damages. If there is just a ventilation problem, you may be able to put insulation throughout the roof line to stop humidity and leaks, and to help with heating and cooling. Get the inspection from a company like GBS Enterprises Roofing and ask how long the estimate is good for before you buy the home.