Replacing a roof can be a costly project, which is why you should take the right steps to keep your roof in good condition. Doing so will not only lengthen the life of the roof, but it may also reduce the need for roofing repairs. If you know what types of things damage roofs and can avoid these, you may be able to avoid needing roofing repairs to your roof. Here are three common causes of damage to roofs, and the types of maintenance you should do to avoid roof problems.

Moss and trees

While trees near your home may look nice and offer shade for your house, they can also cause damage to your roof. Each year, you should inspect the trees that are near your house and trim any branches that might be touching your house, or nearly touching. Tree branches can fall and cause damage to roofs, but they can also damage them in another way.

When leaves from the trees fall on your house, they could begin to build up on the roof. In addition to this, leaves on your roof could lead to the growth of moss. The best way to prevent this is by keeping your branches trimmed. You may also want to go on your roof twice a year just to make sure the roof is clean and free of debris.

Gutter problems

When the gutters on your home are not working properly, it could lead to damage to your roof. One of the main problems with gutters is they get clogged. When they are clogged, the water cannot drain properly, and this could cause the water to end up staying on your roof.

Water on a roof can lead to soggy, leaky shingles, but you can prevent this by routinely examining and cleaning your gutters out.

Insufficient ventilation

Attic ventilation might not seem like a big deal to you, but it is more important than you probably think. Having the right ventilation system in your attic will keep your roof cooler I the summer and warmer in the winter. If you are not sure if your ventilation system is sufficient, you can hire a roofing company to inspect it. They may suggest adding a vent in the roof or a fan in the attic to assist with the ventilation needed.

If you can avoid these three problems, your roof may end up lasting longer. Another good idea is to make sure you get the necessary roof repairs as soon as you notice a problem. To learn more, contact a roofing company in your city today.