If you have called for quotes for a new roof for your business and have been frustrated by the inability to get one right away or by the non-specific dollar amounts you can get over the phone, it will be useful to learn about the different aspects that will be considered by any reputable roofing company when providing a quote. Therefore, it will be very helpful to remember the following information and to consider allowing roofers the opportunity to inspect the roof prior to providing you with a more precise estimate as to the cost of replacing it.

#1-The Materials Of The Old Roof And The New One

You have probably already noticed that when you are replacing a roof, you do not have to choose the same type of roof that you had before. For example, you may have a roof made of standard wood shingles, but now you are ready to be a little more eco-friendly and you want a rubber roof that  is made of recycled tires. A rubber roof is easier to install than many others. and as a result, its installation would cost less. 

Conversely, if your business has a roof made of slate or tile that can weigh up to 500 pounds per square , removing them can be more time-consuming. Therefore, your cost would be higher than you expect. As you can see, the materials of your current and future roof will affect the total cost dramatically. 

#2-The Pitch Of Your Roof 

The pitch of your roof is simply its slope, and unless your roof is entirely flat, roofers will usually need to be more careful on it and it will be more expensive to replace. Even with that, pitched roofs are typically the better long-term choice because they last longer and can often be inspected from the ground.  

If your business is in a large building and the slope is significant or multi-leveled with more than one slope, you should expect the cost to increase. In addition, higher pitches are more expensive to cover, so you will also pay more.

#3-The Accessibility Of The Roof

The accessibility of the roof refers not only to how difficult it will be to get workers and their equipment to it, but also to the times that they can access it. The first is easy to understand since if the workers can park trucks nearby and use ladders to navigate the roof, work will be done faster and your expenses will typically be lower.

The second may require some planning. If you can close your business for a day or two or if your business will not be negatively impacted by the work that is going on, your expenses could  be similarly low. If that is not possible and workers need to come at night or on the weekends to replace your roof, you should plan for the extra expenses of them doing so. 

In conclusion, there are numerous details, as listed above, that will play a crucial role in the cost of providing a new roof for your business. Fortunately, it is not unusual for roofers to be able to make a quick appointment to inspect the roof, and therefore, you can expect a more precise and accurate estimate for the necessary work sooner than you might think.

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