When you live in the mountains, snow can pose a real and costly threat to your home. Snow might seem like a beautiful white blanket as it accumulates on the ground, but as it accumulates on your roof, it can cause either roof collapse or ice dams. In either case, you can be looking at thousands of dollars worth of damages. In order to protect your home without having to climb up on your roof to shovel the snow off, you should install metal roofing. 

How Metal Roofing Defeats Ice Dams

An ice dam forms as snow melts over the body of your roof then freezes over your eaves. As layer after layer of ice accumulates, it creates a dam that can cause water running off your roof to pool up. If the pool gets deep enough, it can run under shingles, which are designed with the understanding that gravity will only allow water to run in one direction. Once inside your home, the water can cause thousands of dollars in damages. Metal roofing comes in solid panels, which run from ridge line to eaves, so you don't have to worry about water running under your eaves. 

How Metal Roofing Saves You from Shoveling Your Roof

Even if you reinforce the roofing over your eaves with rubber membranes or heating strips to contend with ice dams, you still have the possibility of snow accumulating over the body of your roof. The frame of your roof is designed to contend with a certain amount of weight, and the more snow builds up on your roof, the more you risk the shear weight of the snow overwhelming the structure and causing it to collapse. Metal roofing has a low-friction surface, and as snow melts over the body of your roof, the combined effect of the layer of water and the slippery roof will cause snow to slide right off your home. Not only will this save you from climbing up onto your roof with a shovel, but it will also reduce the possibility of ice dams forming. 

While metal roofing may not have been designed specifically to cope with the dangers presented by snow, it might as well have been. if you live in the mountains or another area where several feet of snow accumulation can be expected every year, you should, at the very least, consider installing metal roofing on your home. Visit a company like General Roofing for more information.