Make time to watch for signs of a deteriorating roof; this may include leaking, gravel or asphalt around the yard, or stains on the exterior of your home. Make necessary repairs imminently to maintain the condition and integrity of your roof, or contact a roofing contractor for repairs, sooner, rather than later.

Protect your home's roof with these tips:

Replace and repair shingles. If you notice missing shingles, replace them and repair the roof promptly; ignoring this situation may result in property damage from water. Water can seep into the roofing materials beneath the shingles, and into your home which may cause the growth of mold. Avoid these potential issues by checking your shingles periodically, and fixing any issues quickly, before the season changes.  

Make your roof off-limits. Extra weight on your home's roof can cause it to leak; avoid situations that could lead to potential issues. Use a ladder to safely check out and inspect the condition of your roof, rather than walking around on it to assess the roof of your home. This will also prevent falls from walking around on a possibly slippery roof surface.  

Fix up the space around your flashing. Flashing is the area around the chimney on your roof, and it may contain vents to allow emissions to escape the home. Be sure that this area is well-insulated and caulk around the chimney flashing thoroughly. This is commonly an area that can leak into the home without attention over time.

Put some effort into your eavestroughs. Another place that roofs leak frequently is around the segments of your home's eavestroughs. Ice, leaves, dirt, and debris can fill up the segments and cause them to sag. If not cleared out regularly or fitted with gutter guards, the weight can cause leaking that may cause damage to your home.

Remove ice and snow from your roof. If you live in a wintry climate, make sure that you clear away ice and snow from the roof periodically throughout the season. This can build up over time and the weight may cause your roof to leak. Hire a roofing contractor, who typically have special equipment to clear the roof, and stay safely off your home's roof.  

Prevent damage and preserve your roof by following these simple tips. Watch out for signs of deterioration and don't allow others to walk on your roof or use it in a way that could impact its longevity and performance. Contact a roofing contractor (such as one from JC Roofing & Insulating) for repairs and estimates to protect and preserve your home and the integrity of your roof.