It's everyone's duty to preserve the earth, but it's not always easy to make sustainable choices when remodeling or updating your home. Green building materials are not always attractive or affordable, even if you know they're the right choice. One exception is when it comes to your roof. Metal roofing, which is attractive, affordable, and long-lasting, also happens to be a wise choice for the environment. Here's why.

Metal roofs are typically made from recycled materials.

Few other residential roofing types are made from recycled goods or sustainable materials. Wooden shakes, for instance, are made from trees. Asphalt shingles are made from petroleum products. Metal roofing, however, is typically made from metal that has previously been used for some other purpose. Were it not used to make a roof, it would just sit in a landfill. So, opting for metal roofing allows you to reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfills. Plus, even though metal is shaped, formed, and refined in factories, it is a relatively "natural" substance.

Metal roofing makes for an energy-efficient home.

One of the most important things you can do for the environment is to keep your energy usage down. Most heating systems are powered by fossil fuels like natural gas and propane, which release greenhouse gasses like carbon dioxide when burned. Even electricity is not usually an eco-friendly energy source since many power plants burn coal or oil.

 Metal roofing can really help decrease your energy use. In the summer, the metal reflects a great deal of sunlight, so your home does not get as warm ,and your AC system does not have to kick on as often. In the winter, snow tends to slide off your metal roof rather than stick to it (as snow would to an asphalt or wooden roof), allowing the sunlight better contact with the roof to warm it.

Metal roofing can be recycled again.

When you're done with your metal roof (which won't be for a long time—they can last for up to 80 years), you can have it taken to a recycling facility, where it can be used again to make other metal products. Many other roofing materials, like wooden shakes and asphalt shingles, can't really be reused once they've reached the end of their lives.

When the time comes for a new roof, opt for metal. The planet and its future inhabitants will thank you.

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