If you have installed new gutters on your roof and part of them are under a tree, you likely have problems with leaves building up on a regular basis. This can get very frustrating and time consuming. If you do not keep your gutters cleared out water will back up and this water will eventually get under the roof. Once this happens, it can cause a lot of damage to your roof and can even cause damage in your attic. Below is some information on how you can prevent this from happening.

Gutter Guards

One of the easiest ways to deal with this problem is by installing gutter guards on your gutters. These are generally very easy to install and is something you can do yourself. You can find them at most home improvement stores. You will find different types of gutter guards including:

Screen Gutter Guards

One option you have is screens that are placed over your gutters. These are the easiest type of gutter guard that you can install. In some cases, you can simply slide the screen under the shingles. The screen then angles downward so debris will slide off your roof. There are also screens that drop in. These work well if you have shingles that cannot be pried up.

If you often find seeds and a lot of needles in your gutters, a mesh screen gutter guard may not be a good choice. This is because these needles and seeds can easily get through the screen so the problem is not completely eliminated.  

Fine Mesh Screens

Fine mesh screen gutter guards are much like screens. The screen has tiny spaces so needles or seed pods cannot get through. The gutter guard is installed under the roof shingles. The back of the guard can also be bent up and then screwed to the roof fascia. This method makes the gutters themselves stronger, which helps them hold up better when you have a lot of snow and ice.

The main drawback of this type of gutter guard is small particles may accumulate on the top of the screen, such as shingles grit. For this reason, you will have to occasionally clean these gutter guards, which can easily be done by brushing or blowing them clean.

Surface Tension Gutter Guards

With surface tension gutter guards are a great choice if you have a large amount of debris you often have to clean out of your gutters.

Surface tension gutter guards should be installed at an angle so it matches the slope of your roof. These gutter guards are more visible when compared to other styles, and if you have a heavy rain water will shot over the gutters in downpours. If you install them correctly, however, they do a great job at keeping debris out of your gutters.

If you have questions about these gutter guards or need help installing them, contact a roofing contractor (like Darnell Construction) in your area.