If your commercial building has a flat roof, it is likely made of asphalt. While asphalt can be a long-lasting option for your roof, it is also prone to damage over time from deterioration and weather conditions, particularly with holes in the roof. Here are some tips for repairing the holes in your roof. 

Get the Right Materials

When you are going to repair the holes in the asphalt roof on your own, you first need to make sure you have all the required materials. It Is not difficult to fix a hole in asphalt, but you do need several materials and tools in order to get it done properly. To start with, you need materials like roof cement, fabric for reinforcing the holes, and asphalt primer. You will also need some tools, including utility knife, caulking gun, trowel, pry bar, and scissors. Additionally, you should have proper shoes to wear during repairs so you don't injure yourself, including shoes that are non-slip and a sturdy ladder.

Prepare the Asphalt Roof

Now that you have the tools you will need, you can start preparing your roof. There are just a few simple preparation steps required to patch an asphalt roof. You are going to add primer to the roof before you begin patching holes, but it won't stick well if there is a lot of debris or buildup on the roof. The first thing you should do is clean the surface of the roof. Doing this will also allow you to locate all holes and cracks on the roof, not just the main hole that signaled you to a problem. If there is loose gravel on the roof where the holes are, you can use your pry bar or trowel to remove it and give you a smooth surface to work with.

Coat the Damaged Areas With Primer

The primer is used to create an adhesive that the fabric patch is going to stick to. Find the first hole and apply some primer around the edge of the hole or inside of the narrow hole or crack. While it is still wet, take a small piece of fabric large enough to cover the hole and press it down on the adhesive. Continue doing this for all holes and cracks around the roof. You might want to double up the fabric patches, using a couple of them for each hole for extra security.

Apply the Cement

You now want to cover all of the patched areas with the asphalt cement, which further secures the hole and keeps you from having a leak inside your building. Wait for it to dry completely and look to see if the hole has been covered completely. 

For more tips on repairing a hole in a flat asphalt roof, talk to a contractor like Berwald  Roofing Inc.