A few shingles on a roof coming undone or moving around may not constitute a major roof emergency. Many homeowners will allow a few shingles to break or crack before they are at all interested in repairing the roof. If you are concerned about your roof or if you have noticed that a few shingles are falling off, you should have this repaired immediately. Here are three reasons to repair roof shingles immediately upon noticing that some of them are broken. 

Your roofer can detect further problems

Replacing the shingles on a roof can be considered a cosmetic fix to the home. Even though repairing a shingle or two can be for vanities sake, it is also a good way for roofers to determine if there are any bigger issues going on with your roof. When the roofer repairs the shingles, they can inspect the area to determine if there are any cracks that are becoming a problem or if your roof has soft spots that will need to be repaired. Fixing the shingles could help keep further costly repairs at bay. 

The shingles may be an issue

If the home is new or new to you, shingles breaking may actually be a sign that the shingles themselves are not a good choice. Some materials are best for certain climates and regions. Some materials that shingles are made out of can break easily and will need to be replaced more often. Your roofer can take a good look at the shingles and determine if the shingle material is not sturdy enough and should be changed. Knowing this can help you prepare for the cost of changing the roof instead of having a major surprise later on. 

You avoid issues with your HOA and/or neighbors

A few shingles falling off or cracking may not be noticeable or a problem. The issue can come later when you get busy and more shingles begin to fall off. If you have a neighborhood homeowner's association that has rules about the exterior of your home, you may find yourself with a warning or even a fine. If your neighbors are attempting to sell their home or if they are sticklers for the looks of the neighborhood, you can find yourself with angry neighbors as well. Taking care of problems with the shingles on your roof immediately can keep you out of trouble with the general neighborhood, plus keep your home nice.