If water runs down the sides of your home and into your windows every time it rains, your gutters could be full of debris. Shedding leaves, bird feathers, and even small particles of dirt can collect inside your gutters throughout the year. If you don't clear out your gutters in the spring or more often, they can cause problems with your home, foundation, and roof. You can prevent serious structural damage in your home with the informational guide below.

How Can Full Gutters Affect Your Home?

Gutters play so many crucial roles in protecting your home, foundation, and roof from water damage. If your gutters become too cluttered with debris, they can't channel water away from the sides of your home. The dripping water can saturate and destabilize the soil surrounding and supporting the foundation of your home, or the water can allow cracks to form in the concrete footings and walls holding your home in place. Maintaining your gutters on a regular or seasonal basis can help eliminate these issues.

In addition, cleaning your gutters can help you spot structural damage in your gutters that could potentially cause problems later on in the year. For instance, aluminum-based gutters can sag when full. Your gutters can eventually tear away from the roof's thin edge.

To ensure that your gutters stay clean and properly installed, have a roofer clean them.

What Can a Roofer Do For Your Gutters?

Roofing contractors use different methods to clean gutters. Some roofers use low-pressure hoses to unclog cluttered gutters, while other contractors may use reachers and other tools to scoop debris out of gutters. The method used to "declutter" your gutters may depend on the condition of your gutters.

If contractors note serious problems in your gutters during or after the cleaning, they may suggest that you replace the gutters as soon as possible. Even gutters can fail to collect and channel water properly if they're broken, sagging, or in great disrepair. Installing a new set of gutters around the edge of the roof can prevent unforeseen issues in the near future. 

If you choose to install different gutters on your home, select gutters that lack seams. Seamless gutters don't leak or clog up as much as seamed gutters. You want to keep your gutters functional as long as possible to save on expenses.

For more information about cleaning, repairing, or replacing your gutters, contact a roofing company like Expert Roofing Of Westchester now.