Clay roofing tiles are definitely iconic, old-fashioned, stylish, and well-loved by many. But, are they really that practical? This article discusses a few of the reasons why clay roofs are still a great choice for pretty much any property and want to know before settling on any product.

Is Clay Still Practical?

Some people think that since clay has been around for so long, that it is not the most practical roofing material. Of course, there are some modern synthetic materials that have better insulation ratings, longer lifespans, and generally improve performance. But, with these more advanced products, you definitely get an increased price tag and a different look. Clay has a generous lifespan, and glazed products can last well over 50 years in most climates.

This is not to say that clay has not also become more advanced. There are many clay composites that have improved insulation, more durable surfaces, and better performance.

Clay Styles are One of a Kind

You simply can't match the natural look of real clay. One of the best things about having a real clay roof is the look of it. It is simply an inimitable and iconic building material. Many of the synthetic materials have clay styles. That is, they try to replicate the natural pinkish hue of clay. These might be acceptable, but they definitely aren't as good looking as the real thing. If you are considering investing in a clay roof, one of the biggest things you need to consider is whether you want a glazed or raw product. Most clay products just have a matte finish, with no shine or gloss.

Glazed Tiles

Glazed tiles are shinier with an outer layer of that shield them from moisture absorption. Basically, when a raw clay tile gets wet, it becomes darker because it absorbs the moisture and takes longer to dry off. However, when a glazed tile gets wet, the water just beads off of it. There are also glaze clay tiles that have colored finishes. For example, you can find painted Spanish style clay that looks amazing if you want that unique look.

Clay is definitely material that will remain very popular on residential roofs because of how practical it is, and how great it looks. A clay roof can be used on many different home styles and used in various climate regions. It might not be new or cutting edge, but it is one of the most original looking roof materials. 

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