Tile roofs are not as common in the United States as shingle roofs, but are often seen in certain parts of the country. In particular, they are frequently found on houses in the southwest built in the Spanish style. If you own a home with one of these eye-catching roofs, you will naturally want to keep it in good shape all year round. This article offers some helpful tips on the maintenance and repair of tile roofs.


One of the key maintenance tasks you need to perform on a regular basis is to simply keep it clean of debris, such leaves or branches. Remove any debris from the roof with a long pole.

Another important maintenance job is removing any algae from the roof. Tile roofs are susceptible to algae accumulation, which diminishes their visual appeal. Wash off the algae with a hose and some detergent. Also, keep your gutters running smoothly so that water doesn't back up onto the tiles.

Finally, have the roof inspected by a professional at least once every year. The service person will be able to detect problems that you might have overlooked.


It's possible to make simple repairs to a tile roof yourself, if you are careful and know what you're doing. If the problem is a small hole or crack in the tile, use a wire brush to scrub all around the affected area. Then fill in the hole or crack with plastic roofing cement.

If the problem is too large to be solved with roofing cement, or the tile is broken, then it must be replaced. Lift up the tiles directly above the bad tile very gently. Remove the broken or cracked tile. Apply roofing cement to the underside of the replacement tile and slide it into position. Press down all of the tiles you lifted and the new tile to make sure they fit together tightly.

Walking on the Roof

Although making simple repairs to a tile roof as possible for a do-it-yourself home owner, the process is tricky because tile roofs are susceptible to breaking when you step on them. To avoid this possibility, never step on the middle of a tile. Always step one the bottom of a tile where it overlaps another one. This section is stronger than the middle and can more easily support your weight. To reduce any chance of injury, make sure that you a safety harness and do not walk on any roof with a steep pitch.

Because walking on tile roofs is rather awkward, most homeowners prefer to leave any repairs and some maintenance tasks to the professionals. For more information, contact a qualified roofer in your city.