If your commercial roof has fallen into disrepair and is beginning to leak or peel, you may figure it is time for a replacement. However, there is an alternative you should consider before having the current roof torn off and replaced. Commercial roof coatings made from sturdy silicone are becoming quite popular, and they're a great alternative to roof replacement for many facilities. Here are some reasons to strongly consider a roof coating in place of a new roof.

1. Roof Coatings Are More Affordable

Silicone coatings cost about $1 to $1.50 per square foot. Compare this to the cost of $5 to $10 per square foot that you can pay to replace a standard, flat roof. It's clear that silicone coatings are the more affordable option. Choosing a coating, rather than a replacement, may allow you to pay for the roof treatment outright rather than relying on financing, which is good for your business's bottom line. You'll have more funds to sink into other remodeling projects that directly impact customers' impressions of your buildings.

2. Roof Coatings Are Fast to Install

Typically, it will only take a commercial roof company a day to come and apply the roof coating. They will spray it on right over top of your current roof, so the application process is simple and straightforward. Depending on the nature of your business, you might want to close for a day while this work is being done, but that's a whole lot less time than you'd have to close for a full roof replacement. And if your customers don't mind a little noise or you only have a few clients per day, it's safe to stay open during the application process. (It's not generally safe to stay open while a roof is being replaced, however.)

3. Roof Coatings Reflect Sunlight

Commercial roofs are often made from bitumen or rubber, neither of which are particularly reflective. In fact, they tend to be black or dark brown in color, so they absorb a lot of light. This heats up the top floors of your building and increases your cooling bills in the summer. Silicone roof coatings are often made with reflective materials, so they absorb a lot less heat from the sun. You may notice that your building stays cooler and your energy bills go down after having a roof coating applied.

4. Roof Coatings Are Sustainable

Instead of sending all of your current roof materials off to a landfill, a roof coating allows them to remain in place. This is good for the planet since roof materials tend to contain petroleum products, which break down slowly and can cause some pollution. With a roof coating, you can just have your roof re-coated approximately every 10 years instead of generating more waste each time the roof starts showing signs of wear.

5. Roof Coatings Fit Nicely Around Structures

If you have some structures on your roof, like sewer vents, satellite connections, and hatches, your roofing company may struggle to place a traditional roof around them. You may soon end up with leaks in these areas. A roof coating, on the other hand, is sprayed onto the roof, so it fills in the gaps around these protrusions completely. Leaks are a lot less likely, and if the coating does not seal well for some reason, your contractors can just come to apply a second layer over the parts that are not sealing.

To learn more about roof coatings and their many benefits, get in touch with a roofing company near you. They can take a look at your building and give you a more precise estimate.